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Warm-Hearted Orange

Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour continues to hone in on the finer details of the Design the Rainbow installation that is currently brightening the Design Avenue with its pop-up spaces for all seven colours of the rainbow (see them all here).

The Warm-Hearted Orange scheme reflects the rule-breaking, expressive interiors of the seventies. It also conveys the sense of escapism that many of us are craving at this time, with orange’s exotic associations with tropical fruit and spices from far-flung lands.

The scene is set with vibrant ‘Woodstock’ wallcovering by Cole & Son alongside Phillip Jeffries’ ‘African Rafia’ wallcovering in Turks and Caicos orange, which are offset by a plethora of tactile accessories. The diverse selection of textures, from wicker to raffia, and the multiple layers and elements throughout the space, strike a rich seventies style remix that is sure to inspire anyone searching for the perfect room revamp.

Warm-Hearted Orange reflects the beloved bohemian decade with its smattering of floor cushions from the Elitis collection at Abbott & Boyd (‘Big Karma’, above right), ‘Woody’ and ‘Wavelets’ alongside de Le Cuona ‘Spitfire’ cushions in a wool weave (above, second from left) and StudioTex’s ‘Cato’ in orange (above left), creating an inviting space for lounging and listening to vinyl. The pouffe is upholstered in ‘Stella’ leather in mandarin (above, second from right) by Edelman Leather.

An ‘Atlas’ floor lamp in bronze by Julian Chichester (above left) and ‘Piuma’ side table, ebony amara, by Flexform (above right) perfect the quintessential sculptural look – a true trademark of seventies glamour.

The paint is ‘Rowan Berry’ by Sanderson. The carpet samples are ‘Singh’, ‘Sphinx’ and ‘Copse’ by Tim Page Carpets while the wicker basket is by Andrew Martin. The tiles are (C.1) matte terracotta, by Via Arkadia (Tiles).

Abbott & Boyd. First Floor, North Dome
Andrew Martin, Ground Floor, North Dome
Cole & Son, Ground Floor, Centre Dome
de Le Cuona, Second Floor, North Dome
Flexform, Ground Floor, South Dome
Julian Chichester, Ground Floor, Centre Dome
Phillip Jeffries, Second Floor, North Dome
Sanderson, First Floor, South Dome
StudioTex, Third Floor, South Dome
Tim Page Carpets, Ground Floor, Centre Dome
Via Arkadia (Tiles), Third Floor, North & Centre Domes

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