Design The Rainbow

As the design community resumed visits to the showrooms at Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour, Europe’s premier design destination, showcased an uplifting rainbow-themed installation that celebrates the moment when the sun breaks through the clouds.

As a symbol of peace and hope, the rainbow took on a greater significance in 2020 as an emblem of thanks to NHS and other frontline staff in the face of coronavirus. The Design the Rainbow installation was an expression of gratitude on a giant scale, and it also recognised the design community for the way it came together over the past few months.

The installation was not only intended to be uplifting, but to illustrate the very best that the showrooms have to offer. Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour has something not just for every colour scheme but for every mood, every room and every person: it’s the full spectrum.

In the Centre Dome, you could read stories about how many showrooms helped the cause, from pivoting their production to make PPE to fundraising auctions and donating products for initiatives such as Design Havens for Heroes. The Design Centre also acted as a hub for the emergency services, a meeting point, food and watering station and a place to take a break while patrolling the area, and key workers’ messages of appreciation were also put on display.

Paint: ‘Amanpuri Red’, Sanderson

Outside wallcovering: ‘Harlequin’ (RA106), Texam Home at Altfield

Inside wallcovering: ‘Crescendo’ (30734-600), scarlet, thesign at Altfield

Frieze: ‘Anne’ (RD1947FR), border (RD1639FR), both Lincrusta

‘Flanders’ gimp (GB-57859-20), cerise, Samuel & Sons

‘Alcide’ stool, velvet 50, Porada

‘Chatham’ porcelain floor tiles, walnut, Wow Design at Artisans of Devizes

‘Seychelles’ chevron border and ‘Flanders’ gimp, both Samuel & Sons

‘Rigaud’ writing desk, cherry wood, Oficina Inglesa Furniture

‘Xian’ chair, cherry wood, Venetian red finish, Oficina Inglesa Furniture

Books, Potterton Books

‘Camden Square’ etagere, brass, Vaughan

‘Truro’ lamp, bronze, Vaughan

‘Claire Tribal’ lampshade, red, Vaughan

Cushion in ‘Albano’ fabric, port, Marvic Textiles

‘Clasping Hands’ sculpture, Simpsons

Small rectangular box, Simpsons

Regular square box, Simpsons

Paint: ‘Rowan Berry’, Sanderson

Inside wallcovering: ‘Woodstock’ (69/7126), Cole & Son &

‘African Raffia’ (3480), Turks and Caicos orange, Phillip Jeffries

 ‘Piuma’ side table, ebony amara, Flexform

Wicker basket, Andrew Martin

(C.1) tiles, matt terracotta, Via Arkadia (Tiles)

‘Stella’ leather pouffe, mandarin, Edelman Leather

‘Atlas’ floor lamp, bronze, Julian Chichester

‘Singh’ carpet sample, water reed, Tim Page Carpets

‘Sphinx’ carpet sample, Tim Page Carpets

‘Copse’ carpet sample, Tim Page Carpets

Cushion in ‘Cato’ fabric, Knoll Textiles at StudioTex

‘Wavelets’ cushion, sunny, Elitis at Abbott & Boyd

‘Woody’ cushion, sweet red, Elitis at Abbott & Boyd

‘Big Karma’ cushion, honey, Elitis at Abbott & Boyd

‘Spitfire’ cushion with fringe, canyon, de Le Cuona

‘Spitfire’ header, tundra, de Le Cuona

Paint: ‘Papavera’, Sanderson

Outside wallcovering: ‘Japan’ (JP-24), Provencal, Andrew Martin

Inside wallcovering: ‘Octo’ (WP-70071), sunflower, James Malone at Altfield

Inside trim: Wide picot braid (05026/06), dark yellow, Colefax and Fowler

Inside frame: ‘Silvi Clouds’ (DYS1216599), sky, Sanderson

Inside rainbow: ‘Seasons by May’ (DMSW216685/S), saffron; ‘Thistle’ (DMCW210484/S), gold; ‘Morris Seaweed’ (DM3W214713/5), cobalt/ thyme; ‘Chrysanthemum’ (DARW212548/S), wine and ‘Brer Rabbit’ (DMCW210411/S), indigo/vellum, all Morris & Co.

‘Suhling’ side table, classic white, McKinnon and Harris

‘Marquesa’ rug, ginger, Tufenkian Artisan Carpets

‘Flower’ table, mud grey, Ethimo

‘Flower’ folding chair, poppy red, Ethimo

‘Flower’ folding chair, orange, Ethimo

‘Flower’ folding chair, bamboo green, Ethimo

Ceramic vase, small, yellow, Francesco Della Femina at Miles x Bookshop

Ceramic vase, medium, green, Francesco Della Femina at Miles x Bookshop

Ceramic vase, large, orange, Francesco Della Femina at Miles x Bookshop

‘Tribeca’ console table, Simpsons

Balloons – Far left:

‘Knickerbean’ fabric (D25656), gold, Gainsborough at McKinney & Co

Balloons – Left:

‘Knoll Felt’ fabric, canary, Knoll Textiles at StudioTex

‘Alter Ego’ fabric, beeswax, Knoll Textiles at StudioTex

‘Cato’ fabric, yellow, Knoll Textiles at StudioTex

‘Mr Dimple’ fabric, peppy, HBF Textiles at StudioTex

‘Flirt’ fabric, lemon, HBF Textiles at StudioTex

Balloons – Centre Left:

‘Bunnies on The Run’ fabric, yellow, Gainsborough at McKinney & Co

Balloons – Centre Right:

‘Storytime Ted’ fabric, lemon, Gainsborough at McKinney & Co

Balloons – Right:

‘Arley Stripe’ fabric, yellow, Jane Churchill at Colefax and Fowler

‘Palma’ Fabric, gold, Jane Churchill at Colefax and Fowler

‘Asta’ fabric, gold, Jane Churchill at Colefax and Fowler

‘Ava’ fabric, yellow, Jane Churchill at Colefax and Fowler

Paint: ‘Poison’, Zoffany

Outside wallcovering: ‘Sari’ (VP89561), Elitis at Abbott and Boyd

Inside wallcovering: ‘Chifu’ (BW45087), emerald, GP & J Baker

‘Seychelles’ chevron border (BT-56854-16), leaf, Samuel & Sons

‘Esamarine’ tiles, green, Tonalite at Artisans of Devizes

‘Pavilion VI’ club chair, wicomico white, McKinnon and Harris

‘Tini IV’ table, white dove, Oomph at Nina Campbell

Printed vintage design cushion, green, Livio de Simone at Miles x Bookshop

‘Painted Butterflies and Fish’ decanter and tumblers, Lobmeyr Crystal at Miles x Bookshop

Paint: Yacht Blue, light, Sanderson

Outside wallcovering: ‘Tamarindo’ (TMR322), By the Bay, Arch8 at Whistler Leather

Inside wallcovering: ‘Exotic Chinoiserie’, blue and white, Iksel – Decorative Arts

‘Satara’ carpet, navy, Jacaranda Carpets

‘Mainkai’ floor lamp, nero marquina marble, Man of Parts at Tollgård

Moon jar, blue, smooth stoneware clay, Violante Lodolo D’Oria at Miles x Bookshop

‘Furstenburg’ side tables, white porcelain, Ceccotti Collezioni – TBC

Paint: ‘Como Blue’, Zoffany

Outside wallcovering: ‘Origami’ (87220), dark blue, Arte

Inside wallcovering: ‘Lost World’, navy, Clarke & Clarke at Harlequin

‘Croix de Bois’ table, solid American walnut and 10mm tempered glass top, Ceccotti Collezioni

‘D.R.D.P’ bench, solid American walnut with Maralinga fabric F3012003 Ombre naturelle, Pierre Frey, Ceccotti Collezioni

‘Demi-Monde’ floor lamp with linen shade, bronze, Alexander Lamont at Miles x Bookshop

‘Margot’ side table, bronze and ivory parchment, Alexander Lamont at Miles x Bookshop

‘Scallops’ bowl, bronze, Alexander Lamont at Miles x Bookshop

‘Paglia Low’ bowl, bronze, Alexander Lamont at Miles x Bookshop

‘Waves’ rug, Whistler Leather

Paint: Frames: ‘Lilac Shadow’. Walls: ‘English Lilac’, both Sanderson

Outside wallcovering: ‘Strie’ (W200/08), heather, George Spencer Designs

Inside wallcovering: ‘Florentine’, wisteria lilac, George Spencer Designs

‘Chelsea’ porcelain floor tiles, satin, Artisans of Devizes

‘Marrakesh’ armchair, Frato

Decorative cushion, Frato

‘Seattle’ side table, large, Frato

Seattle’ side table, small, Frato

‘Cubic’ vase, Frato

Orchid, Frato

‘Chelsea’ desk, white dove, Oomph at Nina Campbell

‘Cologne’ lamp, fawn with linen shade, natural, Porta Romana

‘Fluen’ teacup and saucer, Fürstenberg at Miles x Bookshop

‘Herringbone’ blanket, cashmere and wool with custom pink stitching, Brins at Miles x Bookshop

‘Navajo Churro’ sheepskin, natural, Edelman Leather

‘Coupé’ vessels, glass rock and gold leaf, Alexander Lamont at Miles x Bookshop

‘Brooklyn’ mirror, painted metallic trim with faux stingray pewter hammered leather, Simpsons

Books, Potterton Books

‘Kuri Bay’ pouffe, leather, Whistler Leather