Design Centre Stories

The Richness Of Red

The Design Avenue has been transformed into a blaze of colour – and a message of thank you – with a rainbow-themed installation that celebrates the moment when the sun breaks through the clouds.

As a symbol of peace and hope, the rainbow has taken on a greater significance in 2020 as an emblem of thanks to NHS and other frontline staff in the face of coronavirus. The Design the Rainbow installation is an expression of gratitude on a giant scale, and it also recognises the design community for the way it has come together over the past few months.

Red is the colour of intensity: love, passion and fire. In interiors, it is associated with richness, power and opulence, from damask-draped state rooms to papal apartments.

This is nature’s warning colour, and, with the longest wavelength, it can travel the longest distance through rain, fog or smoke, making it the most appropriate colour for stop signs and warning lights.

Red’s association with power means it lends gravitas to an interiors scheme, and it undoubtedly grabs attention. It can be added sparingly to warm up an otherwise cool-toned room, or create a dramatic look when used all over. Red is traditionally used for dining rooms, because it was thought to stimulate the appetite – a tradition that continues even now.

With thanks to our showrooms for their contribution:

Paint: ‘Amanpuri Red’, Sanderson
Outside wallcovering: ‘Harlequin’ (RA106), Texam Home at Altfield
Inside wallcovering: ‘Crescendo’ (30734-600), scarlet, thesign at Altfield
Frieze: ‘Anne’ (RD1947FR), border (RD1639FR), both Lincrusta
‘Flanders’ gimp (GB-57859-20), cerise, Samuel & Sons
‘Alcide’ stool, velvet 50, Porada
‘Chatham’ porcelain floor tiles, walnut, Wow Design at Artisans of Devizes
‘Seychelles’ chevron border and ‘Flanders’ gimp, both Samuel & Sons
‘Rigaud’ writing desk, cherry wood, Oficina Inglesa Furniture
‘Xian’ chair, cherry wood, Venetian red finish, Oficina Inglesa Furniture
Books, Potterton Books
‘Camden Square’ etagere, brass, Vaughan
‘Truro’ lamp, bronze, Vaughan
‘Claire Tribal’ lampshade, red, Vaughan
Cushion in ‘Albano’ fabric, port, Marvic Textiles
Small rectangular box, Simpson
Regular square box, Simpsons