Design Centre Stories

Checking In

Romo and its sister company Kirkby Design have taken a definitive stance for AW20, with both brands introducing checked fabrics to their collections. Within that, though, these classic geometrics explore a range of different aesthetics, from pretty gingham to faded velvet inspired by the punk movement.

The Kemble collection by Romo features a signature cotton fabric of the same name that’s a classic gingham, but upscaled to deliver a bolder effect; it can be paired with ‘Elmer’, which has the same pattern on a more traditional scale (both pictured above left) or the striped ‘Oswin’ and ‘Easton’.

Oxley, meanwhile, explores a modern approach to checks with a slightly retro feel. ‘Lavin’ (above centre) is an eye-catching weave with contrasting blocks of colour, while ‘Oxley’ (above right) is a multicoloured check that has a playful edge.

Known for its youthful approach, Kirkby Design’s Futurebound collection of weaves includes ‘Binary Buff’ a new take on a Prince of Wales check, with blocks of different-scaled prints delineated by a filcoupé fringe; and ‘Quasar’ (pictured above) a tartan-like velvet with a timeworn look. Both were inspired by punk’s adoption of these previously traditional fabrics as a means to subvert the establishment.

Kirkby Design has also added checks to its new Rock collection of outdoor fabrics, with the subtle cross-hatch ‘Weave’ and the tweed-like ‘Check’.

Romo, First Floor, North Dome