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Creative Collages

Wanderlust: Armchair daydreaming about exotic faraway lands induces a sweet sense of escapism. Bring the world home

CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: Quilted Ottoman collection, Edelman Leather. ‘Victoria Paisley’ fabric, ruby, de Le Cuona. ‘Eshu’ coffee table, Alexander Lamont + Miles. ‘Pensiero Selvaggio’ wallcovering, Miami Beach, Dedar. ‘Royal Exchange’ wallcovering, snow/architects white, Zoffany. ‘Shoreham’ table lamp, Vaughan. On shade: ‘Damara’ wallcovering (11121), Arte. ‘Tantor’ wallcovering (11081), Arte. ‘Zisa’ fabric, rosso Bordeaux, Colony. ‘Fernanda’ pendant, Arteriors. ‘Pelage’ wallcovering (11101), Arte. ‘Precarious Pangolins’ wallcovering, tropical, Zoffany. ‘Sabie Forest’ fabric, dawn, Ardmore at Colony. ‘Kuba Cloth’ wallcovering, charcoal on white island raffia, Phillip Jeffries. ‘Hanover’ sofa, David Seyfried Ltd. ‘Balata’ cushion, terracotta, Casamance at Colony. ‘Morsetto’ floor lamp, Penta Light at Interdesign UK. ‘Sea of Trees’ fabric, kaleidescope, Scalamandre at Turnell & Gigon. ‘Como’ armchair, Frato. Box Delfi vases, Ventura. Edge: ‘Macrame’ wallcovering (11001), Arte

The Gilded Age: Sow the seeds of joy and keep spirits high with pretty pastels and soft metallics that have an unconventional twist

CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: ‘Scallops’ wallcovering, pink, Aux Abris at George Spencer Designs. ‘Porto’ fabric, rosso/ bianco, Armani Casa Exclusive Textiles by Rubelli at Rubelli. ‘Oleander’ fabric, red, Colefax and Fowler. ‘1414’ pendants, Gladee Lighting. ‘Fandango’ fabric, rose d’Emilio, Dedar.‘Smile’ pouf, Porada. ‘The Golden Age’ wallcovering, cyan multi, Schumacher at Turnell & Gigon. ‘Rego’ sofa, Leolux at Beaufort Collection. ‘Panthera’ fabric, wildebeest, thesign at Altfield. ‘Amalfi’ wall mirrors, Frato. ‘Kingfisher’ fabric, golden tamarind, thesign at Altfield. ‘Sendai’ dining table, Frato. ‘Vespers’ coffee table, Alexander Lamont + Miles. ‘Wild Truffle’ paint, Andrew Martin. ‘Steps’ wallcovering, rose camel, Schumacher at Turnell & Gigon. ‘Qone’ reading light, Leolux at Beaufort Collection. ‘Wyndham’ table lamp, Vaughan. On shade: ‘Icon’ fabric, Luxor, Pollack at Altfield. On edge: ‘Tulsi’ tape, coral spice, Scalamandre at Turnell & Gigon

Neo-nostalgia: Be soothed by the familiar in a time of disruption with country florals, archive prints and home comforts

CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: ‘Indian Cypress’ fabric, Iksel – Decorative Arts. ‘Jardine’ wallcovering, red, Colefax and Fowler. ‘Mirabeau’ fabric, olive, Houlès. ‘Mural Harem Tapestry’ fabric, Iksel – Decorative Arts. Fabric on chair: ‘Eugenie’ fabric, coquille, Casal at Houlès. ‘Hydrangea Bird’ fabric, green, GP & J Baker. ‘Olympus’ woven bar chair, Sutherland Furniture at Sutherland Perennials Studio. ‘Hudson’ table lamp, Vaughan. On shade: ‘Roses’ fabric, reed, Kirkby Design at Romo. ‘Robin’ side table, Virginia White Collection at Alexander Lamont + Miles. ‘Bramble’ wallcovering, blue/ white, Iksel – Decorative Arts. ‘Medallion’ wallcovering, gold, Zoffany. ‘Imari’ fabric, red/indigo, GP & J Baker. ‘Buie’ rocking chair, Marrakech blue, McKinnon and Harris. ‘Swanson’ fringe, col 755, Travers at Zimmer + Rohde. ‘Moons’ table lamp, Porta Romana. ‘Lace Brocade’ wallcovering, duck egg and green, Gainsborough at George Spencer Designs. ‘Manoir’ vanity unit, Oficina Inglesa Furniture. ‘Montacute’ wallcovering, grey/bone black, Zoffany. Edge: ‘Mirabeau’ fabric, olive, Houlès

Patch Match: Taking cues from the catwalk, plaids and checks offer a chic playfulness that’s anything but uniform

CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: ‘Thistles Tiles 1’ wallcovering, blue/white, Iksel – Decorative Arts. ‘Holden’ wall light, Porta Romana. On shades: ‘Cape Town’ wallcovering, peninsula path, Phillip Jeffries. ‘Labrador’ area rug, Topfloor by Esti. ‘Indestructibull’ leather, mustard, Jerry Pair Leather at Chase Erwin. Birds: ‘And Away We Go’ wallcovering, Harlequin. ‘Imri’ fabric, aqua, Jane Churchill at Colefax and Fowler. Lavin’ fabric, pesto, Romo. ‘Check’ fabric, petrol, Kirkby Design at Romo. ‘Vivienne’ fabrics, rouge and Seine, Pollack at Altfield. ‘Quasar’ fabric, vintage rose, Kirkby Design at Romo. ‘Lavin’ fabric, tamarind, Romo. ‘Monty’ bedside table, Julian Chichester. ‘Iris’ fabric, Iksel – Decorative Arts. ‘Kemble’ fabric, robin egg, Romo. ‘Binary’ fabric, titanium, Kirkby Design at Romo. ‘Imri’ fabric, aqua, Jane Churchill at Colefax and Fowler. ‘Tela’ chair by Matteo Nunziati, ash, Rubelli Casa at Rubelli. ‘Imri’ fabric, red, Jane Churchill at Colefax and Fowler. ‘Block Trellis’ fabric, green, Baker Lifestyle. ‘Frond’ fabric, forest, Pollack at Altfield. ‘L’Impériale’ fabric, blue, Misia at Colony. ‘Kemble’ fabric, sunflower, Kirkby Design at Romo. ‘Vionnet’ tape, Travers at Zimmer + Rohde. ‘Binary’ fabric, space dust, Kirkby Design at Romo. ‘Virginia’ bench with manwaring back, tappahannock green, McKinnon and Harris. Edge: ‘Oxley’ fabric, Danube, Romo


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