Design Centre Stories

Bathed in Colour

Personal expression has become an important component in decorating, and Victoria + Albert Baths has amply demonstrated that there’s no reason why that shouldn’t extend to the bathroom. It recently collaborated with Wallpaper magazine on a series of colour palettes devised by editor-in-chief Sarah Douglas. The bathroom brand has become known for its incredible customisation possibilities: its products are available in 199 RAL colours, in a matt or gloss finish, so a specific shade can be easily matched to other elements in the room.

Each palette features ten hues, a handful of which have been used in the schemes pictured, which show how transformative colour can be. ‘Light Industrielle’ (above left) references industrial, urban design, with punchy ochre and orange alongside teal and burgundy; ‘Dune Retreat’ (above centre) was inspired by sand and stone, with muted tones of yellow, green and grey; and ‘Wavelengths’ (above right) features shades associated with the sea, from the blue-green Aegean to the inkier dark depths.

“The emotional impact of colour has a new relevance,’ says Douglas. “These colour palettes have been created to help shape our mood, improve our wellbeing and bring light into our day-to-day lives.”

Victoria + Albert Baths, Third Floor, North Dome