Design Centre Stories

Ahead by a neck

Classic men’s tailoring has inspired many a collection of fabric for interiors, but it might be a first that the humble tie has been elevated in this way. Lelièvre Paris’ Big Tie collection reinterprets the classic Jacquard patterns featured on woven ties, and oversizes them to create a new look that retains the smart, timeless look of a sartorial classic.

Architect, city planner and designer Jean-Michel Wilmotte, who in 1975 founded his multidisciplinary design studio of architects, urban planners, designers, museographers and interior architects, is behind the collection. Working with Lelièvre Paris afforded him privileged access to the textile company’s expertise and weaving skills, and the fabrics are made with a respect for traditional French production skills.

Big Tie is divided into five colour groups including Les Crais (“chalks”), Les Encres (“inks”) and Les Fusains (“charcoals”), with patterns ranging from the sophisticated and subdued to the graphic and bold. ‘Losange’ (above left) is a harlequin-like diamond pattern that comes in two different scales, while ‘Axis’ (above centre) features delicate cross-hatching and ‘Ligne’ (above right) has a broke stripe.

Lelièvre Paris, First Floor, North & Centre Domes