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Face Value

The embodiment of bohemian 20th-century France, Jean Cocteau was a distinguished artist as well as a writer. Lelièvre Paris has created a collection of wallcoverings based upon his original works, including ‘Cap D’Ail’, pictured, based on his 1960s Greek-inspired ceramics of the same name. Cocteau said that “pour exprimer son âme, on n’a que son visage” (“we have just the face to expose the soul”) – and sensitively drawn faces appear in many more of the collection’s designs, including ‘Les Dormeurs’, based on sketches of people blissfully asleep.

‘Cap D’Ail’ isn’t just on display in the Lelièvre Paris showroom at Focus/19 – it’s also been incorporated into the design scheme for Bar Botanical in the North Dome.

Lelièvre Paris, First Floor, North & Centre Domes

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