Lelièvre Paris

For more than a century, Lelièvre Paris has sought inspiration and striven to inspire others. From the most lavish chateaux to Haussmann-style flats, from Italian palazzos to the Himalayan heights, Lelièvre Paris is a shining example of modern French craftsmanship. With a constant pursuit of harmony and elegance, the brand has developed a broad range of more than 6,000 products — fabrics, wallpapers, wall coverings, rugs and accessories — to help professionals create the world’s most stunning interiors. A leading interior design brand, Lelièvre Paris is one of the very few companies capable of meeting any client demands. Lelièvre Paris is a trend setter, offering bold designs with a consistent supply of this elusive French quality that makes them both chic and timeless.

Lelièvre Paris
First Floor, North & Centre Domes

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