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Making Shapes

Jennifer Manners Design, makers of exquisite handmade rugs, and interior design studio Zulufish have come together to create Shapes, a four-piece collection that explores a myriad of textures, techniques and architectural shapes in a palette of rich, earthy tones.

Caroline Milns, creative director of Zulufish, has a deep understanding of colour and textiles, and so when paired with Jennifer Manners’ expertise in rug making and design, something exciting was bound to happen.

The result is an innovative collection that looks at how three-dimensional shapes can be transformed into a two dimensional product, through unusual shapes and a mixture of piles that create some intriguing textures. All the fibres are tonally dyed resulting in an uneven effect known as abrash, which adds further depth; each piece has a supple elegance to it that reflects light, giving a sense of movement.

“We challenged the juxtaposition and form between graphic shapes using textured, coloured grounds,” says Milns. “This collection was designed for architectural spaces, made bespoke to any size and colour.”

The collection is handcrafted by artisans in Kathmandu, Nepal, with the finest bamboo silk and Himalayan wool. It comprises ‘Ashlar’ (top), a circular design with a cut pile, the asymmetrical ‘Shapes’ (above left), ‘Facet’ (above centre) and ‘Lattice’ (above right).

“Our weavers loved the challenge of combing high-piles with low piles and cut piles with loop piles to create a sense of dimension that is both modern and timeless,” says Manners. “We also wanted to celebrate shape with circular and irregular shapes forming the greatest part of the collection. This is something our weavers don’t see very often and it certainly creates an impact in interior spaces.”

Each piece is also available as a Re/purpose performance version, sustainably made from plastic water bottles. “In this ever-changing world, it is at the forefront of mind to create beautiful products that stand the test of time and elevate the soul,” says Milns about the collection. For more information and to see for yourself, head to the showroom.

Jennifer Manners, First Floor, Centre Dome