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Larger Than Life

While the quintessential country-house style might have been born in England, it’s an international language that has been particularly adopted by US designers. Thibaut – founded in New York in 1886 – acquired British brand Anna French in 2007 and the latter’s boldly scaled, brightly coloured take on fabric and wallcovering continues to be popular all around the world.

Devon, Anna French’s latest collection (available from the Jacaranda Carpets & Rugs showroom) features florals, checks, chinoiserie-inspired designs and cut velvets, which delve into heritage documents to reinterpret the past for a contemporary audience. ‘Dahlia’ (above) is an exuberant take on the classic English garden motif, available as both a fabric and a wallcovering.

The colour palette features bright, clear blues and greens, as well as caramel, gold and rose. Checked fabrics play with scale – ‘Hammond Check’ is satisfyingly oversized, but it’s complemented by the diminutive ‘Leighton Check’ (both pictured above left) – while ‘Mini Sun’ wallcovering (above centre) builds on the small-scale trellis designs that have been popular in previous collections. Look out for the Devon‘s striking mural design, ‘Savery’, an18th-century-style watercolour landscape in tonal colours including a soft sepia (above left).

Jacaranda Carpets & Rugs, Second Floor, South Dome

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