Design Centre Stories

A Deep Dive

Iksel – Decorative Arts’ latest scenic wallcovering transports anyone who views it to a watery world of fish, shells and coral. Painted in incredible detail and then scanned in at ultra-high-resolution, ‘D-Ocean’ took 15 artists about eight months to complete and a further two months to join together digitally. “It’s been something that’s been buzzing in my mind for a while – I’ve been collecting seashells forever,” says Dimonah Iksel of the inspiration for the design. “The idea was to create this fantasy underwater landscape, a still life where the coral were as tall as trees.” At London Design Week 2019, ‘D-Ocean’ was used to line the walls of the Design Hub, the link between the domes and Design Centre East, creating an immersive aquatic experience.

Iksel – Decorative Arts, Second Floor, Design Centre East

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