Design Centre Stories

Riviera Chic

All the glamour of the south of France, with relaxed seagrass and a blue note making waves.
Design Centre Chelsea Harbour LDW2016

‘Felix Light’ console, Birgit Israel. ‘Bolle Tavolo 1’ light, Gallotti&Radice. ‘Small Orb’ pendant (MCL43S), ‘Medium Orb’ pendant (MCL43M) and ‘Large Orb’ pendant (MCL43L), all Porta Romana. ‘Lotus’ plates, Elise Som. ‘Oktopussy’ chair and ‘Kandelabra’ floor lamp, both Marc de Berny. Hanging fabric in large shape: ‘Pepino’ (7763/06), Romo. Wallcovering in large shape: ‘Facet’ (75302), Arte. Paint in large shape: left ‘Quartz Grey’, top ‘Double Quartz Grey’, face ‘Frost’ and floor ‘Quarter Silver’, all Zoffany. Wallcovering in small shape: ‘Tara’ (1641), Studio E at Fromental. Paint in small shape: left ‘Double Quartz Grey’, top ‘Frost’, face ‘Quartz Grey and floor ‘Half Quartz Grey’, all Zoffany


‘Cape Town’ lounge chair, Nicholas Haslam Ltd


‘Dongiovanni’ sofa, Ceccotti Collezioni

FRONT_rugs_Jan Kath

‘Boro’ rug by Jan Kath, Front Rugs


53         ‘Hamptons’ fabric (HP825/2803), blue china, Cassaro at Stark Fabric
54         ‘Marigold’ fabric (2185/30), too blue, No. 9 Thompson at Fox Linton
55         ‘Hamilton’ wallcovering (A6799RS/6), airone, Loro Piana at Fox Linton
56         ‘Strato’ fabric (HSGR131862), indigo/denim, Harlequin
57         ‘Camelot’ fabric (SC056-3H), indigo, Sheila Coombes at Brian Yates
58         ‘Atmosphere’ fabric (ZATM332452), indigo/sky, Zoffany
59         ‘Chime’ fabric (9233/02), ink wash, Pollack at Altfield
60         ‘Arley’ fabric (7750/05), danube, Romo
91         ‘Corona’ fabric, Brochier at Altfield
92         (32165/9600) trim, Houlès
93         (31101/9660) trim, Houlès
94         ‘Prickly Pear’ fabric (10305), indigo, Donghia at Rubelli/Donghia
95         ‘Thai Fretwork’ border (T012/04), Jim Thompson at Fox Linton
96         (27063-002) fabric, Colony
97         (32158/9610) trim, Houlès
98         ‘Seraphim’ leather, blue mist/silver opaco, Altfield
99         ‘Palais Royal’ trim (33097/9600), Houlès
100       ‘Edison’ leather, iron black pearl, Altfield
101       ‘Fairyland Creek’ fabric (AL2017), corda/dark indigo, Loro Piana at Fox Linton
102       ‘Annecy’ leather (ANN286), periwinkle, Whistler Leather
103       ‘Annecy’ leather (ANN277), marino blue, Whistler Leather
104       ‘Hainan’, wallcovering (WR1017/03), No. 9 Thompson at Fox Linton
105       ‘Dance’ fabric (10656 596), Zimmer + Rohde
106       ‘Sorrento’ fabric (9911/09), blue marino, Glant at Altfield
108       ‘Couture Rib N.16’ fabric (9943/02), azure, Glant at Altfield
109       ‘Lakebed’ fabric (10303-02), blue, Donghia at Rubelli/Donghia
110       ‘Weave On’ fabric (2414/02), regatta, Pollack at Altfield
111       ‘Eventail’ fabric (F3102003), Pierre Frey
112       ‘Vogue’ fabric (AZUR3460-03), Jean Paul Gautier at Lelievre
113       ‘Tumbling Blocks’ fabric (176401), Schumacher at Turnell & Gigon
114       ‘Water Iris’ fabric, indigo/sky, Zoffany


‘Kalix’ banquette by Jean Louis Deniot, Marc De Berny


‘New York’ pendant, Wired Custom Lighting