Design Centre Stories

Revived by Nature

With one-third of all the showrooms now situated in Design Centre East, the Design Hub – the ground-floor space linking it to the domes – became one of the buzziest spots of London Design Week 2018. Thanks to its redesign for the show, it was a spring-like arbour with a lilac palette. Under the trailing tendrils of two life-sized faux-wisteria trees, Sanderson’s ‘Wisteria Falls’ fabric formed the ceiling canopy, with the same design repeated on the walls, while Etamine’s ‘Kelim’ fabric (from Zimmer + Rohde) upholsterered the banquettes and Original BTC’s ‘Well glass’ lighting added an edgy industrial contrast to all the prettiness. Linger a while in the Refuel & Revive café – or just stroll through and be revived simply by its exuberant design.