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Revived & Restored

Porta Romana has launched The Upcycling Club, a refurbishment service that allows people to have their existing lighting restored to its original condition. The company’s team of experts can undertake a complete restoration of an existing Porta Romana product to bring it back to life, and can even change the finish to chime in with a new decorating scheme. Alternatively, a part-exchange service is also offered, so that an old Porta Romana lamp can be traded in and its value put towards a new product.

The Upcycling Club is part of a wider initiative by Porta Romana to re-examine every aspect of its business from a sustainability perspective, from developing new packaging that reduces waste to bringing its lampshade-making in-house, saving 32,500 miles’ worth of fuel a year. This extends to manufacturing, too – although the company found that its makers were in many ways naturally conscious about waste already, with glassblowers reusing any leftover glass on their pipes and using tools that have been handed down, for example.

Porta Romana’s initiatives saw the company bestowed with a Responsible Design Award in the 2020 House & Garden Awards.

Look out for its latest initiative later in the year, a bulb with a bespoke light output that lasts twice as long as most LEDs.

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