Design Centre Stories

The Well-travelled Home


Some of the most inspirational and imaginative homes belong to well-travelled collectors: magpie-like homeowners who pick up a trinket here, a fabric there and a well-judged piece of furniture, put it all together and create magic.

This is the spirit that Travers endeavours to channel in its Voyager fabric collection, available at Zimmer + Rohde. From ancient Persia to the Caribbean, each fabric is infused with the spirit of a particular location. Head on safari with ‘Zebra Strie Velvet’ (pictured above left). a particularly tactile, luxurious take on an animal print, or take the ancient Silk Road with ‘Kandira’ (pictured below right), which is digitally printed on a soft chenille that gives the fabric a laid-back vintage character.


There is some spectacular craftsmanship to be admired here, too. ‘Antigua’ (pictured above left) depicts an underwater world rendered in beadwork and embroidery, with each element, from the branching coral to darting fish, using a different technique. The blurred effect of ‘Anya’ (pictured top right, as bedspread) comes from its complex printing technique, where the warp threads shift slightly to create a charmingly imperfect look.

A number of plains complement the rich patterns, with an emphasis on subtle texture, including ‘Astrid’ a woollen satin weave, and ‘Sheldon’, a pure linen velour.

Zimmer + Rohde, Ground Floor, North Dome