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The Power of Attraction

Beautiful materials are one thing – but it’s how you use them to get the best out of them that can really transform an interior. Leather specialist Pavoni recently launched a new way to incorporate its hides in a way that’s quite unlike anything on the market.

“I’ve always wanted to do a proper leather wallcovering, but I wanted it to look flat, just like wallcovering, rather than padded panels,” says Alan Newberry, Pavoni’s chief executive. The panelling system, devised in conjunction with an engineering company, works by applying magnetic paint to the wall, which then then smoothly snaps on to leather panels that are backed with a magnetic membrane. Aluminium strips, which frame and divide each panel to give a neat finish, are custom-coloured, so they can exactly match the shade of leather, or be used to add a contrasting element. A similar system is used for an acoustic version of the panels, which features upright slats and a felt backing that together give a large surface area to absorb sound – a fantastic way to give music rooms, cinema rooms and hospitality environments the muted acoustics they need to work at their best.

Since launching in spring, the reception from designers has been overwhelmingly positive, as they embrace new possibilities for working with Pavoni’s amazing quality Italian vegetable-tanned hides, from embossed ostrich-effect to velvet-touch plain analine leather. Visit the showroom for a demonstration of how it works – it’s so deceptively simple, you’ll wonder why no one thought of it before….

Pavoni, Second Floor, South Dome