Design Centre Stories

Catch the Wave

If you love the flourish of an irregular curve, then this ‘Bowl No.1’ basin by Kreoo, new to West One Bathrooms, will appeal. It’s inspired by the shape of an opening flower, and is mounted directly on top of a vanity unit to enjoy its delicate, sinuous profile. The basin is part of the wider Nahbi collection, which, adding together all the different basin designs, supports, finishes and colours creates 350 different options. for the bathroom.

Kreoo specialises in marble products that often seem to defy the weight of their material, including bathtubs and furniture. It also stands apart for its use of rare and unusual stone, combined with modern shapes, to make an opulent contemporary design statement. Kreoo has just added a beautiful artik green marble to the Nahbi collection (above right), which features progressive shades from light to dark green, contrasting veins of grey and purple – adding one more option to this already highly versatile collection.

West One Bathrooms, Second Floor, Design Centre East