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From Waste to Wall Tile

Gallotti&Radice has embraced a new category of products with ‘Pleiadi’, a relief tile system made from cotton linter (the short downy hairs of the cotton seed) and clay. Linter is usually thought of as a waste product, but here it adds structure and texture. The 20x20cm tiles have been left in their natural hue, without the addition of any dye, letting the beauty of the natural materials come to the fore.

With their three-dimensional geometric design, the resulting panels are not only stylish and sustainable, but breathable, too, as well as possessing acoustic-dampening properties.

‘Pleiadi’ is one of several new pieces designed for Gallotti&Radice by Milan-based Studiopepe, including ‘Selce’, a series of low stone coffee tables, and the curvy ‘Stami’ lounge chair.

Gallotti&Radice, Second Floor, Centre Dome

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