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Sleeping Beauties

De Le Cuona has followed up the launch of its organic linen collection, Pure, with a bedlinen range made from the same fabrics. These groundbreaking textiles are certified by GOTS (the Global Organic Textile Standard) – a rarity in the interiors industry, because of the difficulty of ensuring that every step of the manufacturing process can be assured to be organic. Linen is especially suited to bedding because it is breathable and hypoallergenic, and gets softer and more tactile with every wash: combining these qualities with the organic certification ensures that this is a collection made with health and wellness in mind. The bedlinen is available in just one colour, white, emulating the purity of the fabric itself.

The brand has developed a reputation for imaginatively marketing its new launches. Its recent Studio collection was accompanied by a short film featuring Edward Watson, principal dancer at the Royal Ballet, and founder Bernie de Le Cuona has teamed up again with film-maker Damian Foxe, for the launch of the bedlinen: Foxe’s film and the still images shown here depict Pure in a romantic, innocent light.

Bernie de Le Cuona, Damian Foxe and Edward Watson also spoke about their Studio collaboration as part of London Design Week 2021’s virtual programme, touching on how creative content has the power to cut through the digital noise and tell a story that engages both the eye and the soul. Watch the talk again here.

De Le Cuona, Second Floor, North Dome

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