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Rejoice in Nature

Get lost in a world of fantasy and nature with Jabula, a collaboration between Cole & Son and South Africa’s Ardmore, which makes ceramics and decorating products inspired by native flora and fauna.

The colour, detail and sheer joy of Ardmore’s cult ceramics – ‘jabula’ is aptly the Zulu word for ‘rejoice’ – have been translated into 11 wallcoverings drawn by the Cole & Son studio, and full of intriguing creatures and lush botanical motifs.

“We’re so proud that Cole & Son has recognised our beautiful artistry, inspired by the muse of nature,” said Ardmore’s founder Fée Halsted, talking to Cole & Son’s managing director Marie Karlsson as part of Focus/21’s online programme. “We have so much beautiful flora and fauna here, we celebrate not just the Big Five” – referring to the larger game animals that most tourists want to see on safari – “but the small creatures, too: the little praying mantis that symbolises meditation, or the dung beetle symbolising the cycle of life.” ‘Hoopoe Leaves’ (above left) is based on a large ceramic piece, with these smaller creatures bustling through foliage and hoopoe feathers.

Many of the designs reflect Halsted’s own experience of wildlife-spotting in the Kruger national park, from the mother-and-cub leopards she spied in a tree that became ‘Satara’ (above centre), or the natural hierarchy of animals that come and go in obedient order at the Letaba oasis, which inspired ‘Letaba March’ (above right).

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Cole & Son, Ground Floor, Centre Dome