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Organic Standard

Just 1% of the world’s linen is organic – and organic textiles are not widely available in the interiors industry. So de Le Cuona’s new Pure collection is a rarity, and a very welcome one. Certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), Pure taps in to a growing interest in creating chemical-free, healthier environments. “This is the beginning of what I believe is a big change in our industry,” says de Le Cuona’s founder, Bernie de Le Cuona, launching the collection online as part of Focus/20. “It’s all about wellness. There are no toxins and we take in to account environmental and social responsibility as well.”

Pure has taken time to develop; it’s not just the growing process but every manufacturing stage along the way that needs to be certified, and de Le Cuona has worked with just two mills who could reach such a high standard. Fittingly, the designs of the seven fabrics are inspired by the natural world, from bark to chalky cliffs and eucalyptus leaves. The texture and finish is superior too, and all created without any chemicals in the manufacturing process. “We can’t use any silicones or anything in the wash, so the handle is quite different. But it’s lovely,” says de Le Cuona.

Watch the full presentation here.

De Le Cuona, Second Floor, North Dome