Design Centre Stories

The Science of Sleep

Bed specialist Rested has turned from a pop-up in to a permanent fixture at Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour. The sleep expert represents two brands in particular: The Netherlands’ Auping, which takes a technical approach, with breathable textiles, motorised bases and a modern aesthetic; and Colunex from Portugal, whose fully customisable upholstered beds are the ultimate in craftsmanship.

With the necessity of a good night’s sleep now a pressing subject in today’s always-on world, Rested’s expertise couldn’t come at a better time. “Diet, exercise and sleep are the three key parts of wellbeing, and good sleep starts with your bed and mattress set-up,” says managing director Toby Walzer.

“We put a tremendous amount of effort in to mattress selection, an area where people can really benefit from expert advice, because everyone is different.” He likens choosing the perfect mattress to sourcing the optimum pair of running shoes for a marathon, where a specialist, tailored product delivers optimum performance.

Rested, Third Floor, South Dome (open 9.30am – 5.30pm, Monday – Friday, by appointment)