Design Centre Stories

Rock Solid

Geology, time and the elements inspired Alexander Lamont’s Peninsula range, which has an emphasis on finishes that require meticulous workmanship, including parchment and straw marquetry. This ‘Aurora’ cabinet’s black lacquer and intricate eggshell surface (pictured top) looks like fractured earth close-up, while at a distance it has a striking ombré effect. It’s available at Miles x Bookshop.

Rocks and minerals are also used as a creative starting point elsewhere. A tribute to a childhood spent on the wild coasts of Brittany, French designer Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance’s Raw collection for Tai Ping turns solid geological features in to something soft. ‘Hov 1’ (pictured centre) is based on a delicate pencil drawing, with an organic outline that accentuates its uncannily three-dimensional appearance.

The trend translates to sculptural lighting, too: Bella Figura’s Halcyon collection includes several lamp bases that take nature’s beauty and quirky geometry as inspiration. The faceted ‘Eyre’ (pictured bottom) is named after Australia’s Lake Eyre: the lake has a thick crust of tessellated salt segments, which the lamp emulates in delicately luminous glass.

Miles x Bookshop. Ground Floor, North Dome (outside)
Tai Ping, Fourth Floor, Design Centre East
Bella Figura, Ground Floor, Centre Dome

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