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Focus/19 guest pop-ups are proving fertile ground for discovering new products. Pictured top to bottom are: Blithfield’s Brookfield collection, which includes ‘Fern’,  based on a design by early-20th-century artist and designer Peggy Angus; Alternative Flooring’s Stair Art patterned runners, which harness the talents of designers including Ella Doran and Margo Selby; Riviere’s collaboration with O&A London, Caledonia, a rug collection inspired by the nature and culture of Scotland; Monochrome from Paint & Paper Library, which explores the myriad subtleties of black and white; and new fabrics ‘Seahorse’ and ‘Scallop Shell’ from Barneby Gates.

More than 20 pop-ups have set up residence for Focus/19 – a whole new layer of talent to discover, on top of the showroom offering, that brings additional richness and depth to the show.