Design Centre Stories

Light Waves

Italian brand Giorgetti has used its masterful knowledge of working with timber to create the ‘Dunes’ pendant, available at Tollgard. The light is the work of the New York designer Virginia Harper, who has strong links to Italian design, having lived and worked in Milan before returning to the US in 2006 to continue to work for many Italian brands.

This piece was inspired by shifting sands at the beach, as well as the fluidity of mid-20th-century design. “The project comes from my passion for classic materials, which I love to rethink in an unusual way: in this case, the inspiration comes from the sandy landscape with its natural waves, behind which something seems to be hiding,” said Harper. “I wanted to create a sculptural object that could be suspended in a room, that would really show the malleability of wood and the variety of nuances that walnut can reveal depending on how it is shaped.” The LED light source is beautifully concealed within the sinuous walnut frame, revealing itself depending on the viewers’ angle.

Tollgard, First Floor, Centre Dome