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Designer Loves: Natalia Miyar

As part of its First Look initiative, the Design Centre asked top designers to choose their favourite products from spring/summer 21’s collections. Natalia Miyar thinks pink for her selection, with most products selected from the ‘pink to plum’ section of the colour wheel: here’s what she chose, and why she chose it.

Is there a particular piece out of the products you’ve chosen that you can’t wait to put in a scheme? How do you envision using it?
For its bold, graphic quality, I love the ‘Outside The Box’ wallcovering by Porter Teleo [for Asteré, from Abbott + Boyd]. I would put this in a powder room with a black stone basin, which would look really cool.

Did you discover anything on the First Look colour wheel that surprised you?
I always discover new things at the Design Centre – it is such a great way to see a huge array of new brands and wonderful textiles, furniture and furnishings – but the First Look wheel is a brilliant tool to get digital access to the new collections. I love the look of Casamance’s ‘Salonga’ fabric. I hadn’t seen it in this context before and it looks fabulous.

Is there a colour you are consistently drawn to in your work?
I love using blues and greens and am always drawn to anything that reflects the natural world – lush greenery and the blue of the sea and sky – I don’t think you can go wrong. Nature is a powerful influence for me, I really focus on my surroundings for inspiration wherever I go. Spending the past year in Miami doing up my house has really inspired me, and I always find myself drawn back to different tones from nature in my designs.

What timeless colour should we all be embracing this year?
I picked the pink section from the colour wheel for a reason. I think pink is a truly wonderful shade and this colour wheel goes to show that there is such an incredible range of shades, whether that be soft, light and feminine (which is very traditional) or something more bold and vibrant.

Abbott + Boyd, First Floor, North Dome
Colony, Second Floor, Centre Dome
Porta Romana, Ground Floor, Centre & South Domes
Via Arkadia (Tiles), Third Floor, North & Centre Domes
Wool Classics, Second Floor, Design Centre East

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