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A Bee’s-Eye View

New to George Spencer Designs, US brand Zak+Fox’s Apiary collection is inspired by the journey of a worker bee, paying tribute to man’s reliance on these critical insects and their importance to the planet’s ecology.

. The seven wallcoverings and five fabrics mix fantasy and botany, with boldly scaled florals offering a bee’s-eye view of the world, such as ‘Orangery’ (above left), a wallcovering depicting lush citrus fruits and climbing flowers. ‘Zahra’ (above right) is named after the Arabic word for beauty and evokes the formality of a traditional paradise garden, with regular rows of plants lining reflective pools. The hexagonal design of ‘Favus’ (pictured top), meanwhile, evokes the hexagonal cells of honeycomb, reimagined as a twisting ribbon.

George Spencer Designs, Third Floor, Design Centre East

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