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Sculpted in Wood

man of parts savignyplatz console

German designer Sebastian Herkner’s Savignyplatz collection for Man of Parts (available at Tollgard) was inspired by the work of sculptor Henry Moore – and, like Moore’s work, the negative space around each piece has been just as carefully considered as the solid mass.

The dining table, desk and console – with the latter having a gravity-defying cantilevered design – are made in Bavaria by CNC cutting before being finished by hand, combining the strengths of technology and craft. “We didn’t do a lot of sketching, but rather realised the idea directly in our heads in three dimensions.,” says Herkner. “To do this, we used a 3D printer to determine the shape, and how the light refracts on the sharp edges.” The table and console top have an aerodynamic look, with edges that gently curve under, while the looping base feels more solid and monumental. Finishes include black, ivory and mist, a grey-beige.

Savignyplatz was named after a leafy Berlin square, and Herkner’s idea was that the dining table should reflect the sociable nature of this place, where friends go to gather and talk: his table should be a place that people are drawn to for convivial conversation, too.

Canadian studio Man of Parts is part of Tollgard’s sophisticated stable of furniture, lighting and accessories from all over the world; the showroom has a knack for bringing together brands that have a spirit of authenticity, and a strong focus on craftsmanship.

Tollgard, First Floor, Centre Dome