Design Centre Stories

Cocktail Hour

Come for cocktail hour in the company of Rubelli: the Italian decorating house has launched a collection of outdoor fabrics that are all named after popular drinks, reflecting the playful nature of the textiles themselves.

‘Caipirinha’ is a small-scale plaid inspired by a vintage 1960s textile, while ‘Luisita’ is a bold floral with an appliqué-like effect; both are pictured above left. ‘Tequila Sunrise’ (above right), meanwhile, is a classic stripe on an ivory ground with a textured finish that imitates woven matting.

There are also plain bouclés, classic weaves and a faux-leather in the collection, providing something for every type of outdoor space. All you need now is a poolside view, and a glass of something cold in hand.

Rubelli, Ground Floor, Design Centre East