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Kieffer’s New Direction

Superstar Italian design studio Formafantasma has revealed its first work as creative director of Kieffer, part of the Rubelli Group. Described as Rubelli’s “most experimental brand”, Kieffer’s new look focuses on raw materials and weaving techniques, all woven in Italy near Lake Como, in a collection called Untitled and inspired by the art world.

Simone Farresin and Andrea Trimarchi of Formafantasma are know for their research-led approach, making them the perfect fit for this experimental new direction. “With Kieffer, it’s more about what you can do with a loom, what you can do technically and how you can structure a textile. We focused on the sensorial experience inside domestic environments,” they say.

They have mixed materials such as linen, mohair, hemp and alpaca, to create textiles that are as much about the feel as the look: ‘Feral’ (above left) is a soft, fluffy blend containing mohair and wool, while ‘Nachi’ (above right) is a double-width 100% linen. Pictured below (left to right) are ‘Reloaded’, whose dye of its linen ground contrasts with the vertical lines produced to give a vintage look; ‘Tekko’ which is made from 50% recycled cotton; and ‘Oltre’, a textured linen designed for drapery that is slightly see-through.

Kieffer was always known for sophisticated neutrals, but Formafantasma has also added some brighter hues, including pale yellow, lilac and pink.