Design Centre Stories

A Decadent Age

Launched in celebration of Mulberry Home’s 30th year anniversary, Long Weekend is an eclectic collection of prints, stripes, embroidery and velvets that embodies the spirit of the decadent and flirtatious English house parties of the 1920s and 1930s. Attended by a fashionable crowd consisting of the English aristocracy and urban ‘Bright Young Things’ – actors, writers, artists, film starts, poets and the like – these long weekends took place in the most magnificent English country houses. Fabulous long dinners, shameless shenanigans, amateur dramatics, ‘dressing up’ games, sporting and outdoor pursuits were all actively encouraged.

Mulberry Home’s ethos, which combines traditional elegance with a casual modern touch, is nowhere better personified than here. ‘Mulberry Home Velvet’ is a luxurious cotton velvet in a colour palette inspired by the period’s glamorous evening gowns and stylish smoking jackets; ‘Wools IV’ is a compendium of five soft wool plaids and checks that conjure the romance of the shooting party and misty, heathered moors; and ‘Long Weekend’ is a whimsical collection of ten prints and velvets that embody adventurous travel, sporting prowess and exoticism.

Mulberry Home, Ground Floor, Design Centre East