Design Centre Stories

Crafted in Fabric

As a part of Hermès’ stable of brands, Métaphores is known for stylish fabrics with French flair, imbued with technical know-how. All of that comes together with Craft Galerie, a new collection that aims to emulate materials such as clay, wood and leather in fabric, with subtle tactility a theme across the collection.

In the same way that today’s artisans such contemporary leatherworkers or ceramicists aim to reinvent age-old techniques, so Métaphores strives to create new way to express the beauty and versatility of textiles. Craft Galerie includes ‘Suede’ (above left), a tone-on-tone chenille with the same soft, napped finish as the leather it is named after; ‘Melchior’ (above centre) named after the copper alloy, a jacquard with a triangular pattern of metallic thread that sits like molten metal on the surface; and ‘Raku’ (above right), which pays homage to the traditional Japanese pottery technique that celebrates the unpredictability of the markings during the firing process.

Find the collection at Abbott + Boyd, which is undergoing a name change: as of 1 March, the showroom will be called Elitis.

Abbott + Boyd, First Floor, North Dome