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Long Live the Resistance

Lewis & Wood’s Wax Works collection puts an ancient technique in the spotlight, the art of wax-resist dying. The four new designs are based on antique wax-resist artworks from India, Sri Lanka and Japan, and the delicacy of the technique has translated beautifully on to the new fabrics and wallcoverings, with a faded colour palette that lends the collection an antique feel.

Pictured above (left to right) are ‘Citadel’, reworked from a 17th-century Indian wall hanging; ‘Bandana’, which takes the same motifs and resizes them into a small-scale printed stripe; and ‘Blossom’, based on an antique Japanese kimono. ‘Fan Flower’ (not pictured), a foliage design taken from a Sri Lankan batik panel, completes the collection.

Lewis & Wood, First Floor, Design Centre East



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