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High Flyer

Bernoulli hardware by SA Baxter

SA Baxter Architectural Hardware’s Bernoulli Suite collection pays homage to its namesake, a Swiss 18th-century mathematician whose theories underpin the mechanics of the modern aeroplane wing: put simply, Daniel Bernoulli helped make flight possible.

SA Baxter founder Scott Baxter designed the collection: a keen amateur pilot, he came up with the idea for it while flying a Cessna over the Hamptons, and glanced over the aeroplane’s wing. The hardware’s shape is inspired by that same elegant aerodynamic form: curved at the top and flat underneath, it directly reflects Bernoulli’s principles.

The suite of hardware is composed of a door lever, door pull and cabinet pull (all pictured), with finishes including gunmetal, burnished nickel and polished brass.

SA Baxter Architectural Hardware, Third Floor, Centre Dome