Design Centre Stories

The Couturier of Metal

Described as a “couturier of metal” and founded by a fourth-generation blacksmith, Italian surface design specialists De Castelli are true alchemists, turning metal into incredible patterned panels for interiors. Its latest collection, Tracing Venice, is a collaboration with Zanellato/Bortotto that takes inspiration from the intricate mosaics of St Mark’s Basilica.

Designers Giorgia Zanellato and Daniele Bortotti visited the Tollgard showroom during London Design Week 2023 to explain more about how the collection of wall tableaux came to life; Zanellato said that “we wanted to pay homage to the city’s fragility and strength, and at the same time reflect on what man can do today – and was able to do in the past.” The coloured copper, brass and steel panels are a mixture of technology and craftsmanship, some with trompe l’oeil three dimensional effects, and ‘missing’ sections to evoke Venice’s beautiful decay, washed by the saline waters of the lagoon.

The panels can be viewed in the Tollgard showroom, which recently reopened following a refurbishment. Other new things to see include a ‘V1’ kitchen by Danish brand Vipp, which follows the same theme of craftmanship in metal: its cabinetry is made from powder-coated steel, the perfect blend of industrial-inspired aesthetics and refined Danish design.

Tollgard, Second Floor, South Dome