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Arteriors has teamed up with an architecture and design studio for the first time, partnering with New York studio Workshop APD for a collection that celebrates craftsmanship and the act of making.

Divided into four sub-collections – Roll, Bend, Glaze and Cut – the 48 pieces are a result of an exploration into traditional techniques, seen though a more architectural lens. “We were able to come at it with our own point of view – maybe it’s a little less decorative, and a little more streamlined. [Arteriors] had a tremendous amount of knowledge about craftsmen and the way people work all over the world,” said Workshop APD co-founder Matthew D Berman, as he explained how each party brought their own element to the project as part of Focus/21’s Creative Collaborations talks.

Roll features work in clay, such as the trays shown above left; Bend focuses on the technique of slump glass, which uses gravity in the kiln to create curved forms, such as the table light shown above centre; Cut examines cut glass, such as the ceiling light show above right; and Glaze, pictured top, is an exploration of crackle-glazed ceramics.

The pieces all adhere to Workshop APD’s “crafted modern” aesthetic, an ethos it carries through all of its work, be it a newly built townhouse in Brooklyn or an Arteriors candlestick. “For us, everything is about making,” said Berman’s fellow co-founder Andrew Kotchen at the Focus/21 talk. “Ultimately what we gravitate towards are things that simple, refined, edited, curated and composed, and that are based on the qualities of certain materials. When you reduce design down to those foundational elements you are ultimately going to create something that feels more timeless. That’s what we try and bring to everything we do.”

Watch the Creative Collaborations talk here

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