Design Centre Stories

Meaningful Moments

Dedar has found a nostalgic way to stay in touch with the sociable aspects of everyday life, via the power of illustration. It has commissioned Icinori – aka illustrators Mayumi Otero and Raphael Urwiller – to create Minutes, a series that captures those moments in time that we might have formerly taken for granted, including, aptly for the Italian fabric company, shopping for textiles (above left). Icinori’s spirited characters are also shown picnicking, cycling in tandem, dancing and swimming, among other activities.

Otero and Urwiller are based in France and their work has appeared in Le Monde, The New York Times and many other publications. New illustrations are released every Saturday and Sunday on Dedar’s Instagram, and, until our social life with others can fully resume, they offer a tantalising glimpse of the way things might be again. “In this way, our company contributes to recounting the historical period we are all living through, by keeping our eyes firmly on the future, as we rediscover the beauty in all the things that fill our days with colour and meaning,” says Dedar’s website of the initiative.

Icinori’s depiction of an interiors showroom is not such a far-off dream, either: Dedar’s showroom at Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour will soon reopen on an appointment-only basis.

Dedar, Ground Floor, Design Centre East