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Beyond the Gallery

Esteemed French decorating company Élitis has a new sister brand, available at Abbott + Boyd. Asteré works with creatives who tread the line between fine art and design, infusing its wallcoverings with a level of artistic merit that you might find in a gallery.

Three artists have worked on Asteré’s debut collections. Paris-based Garance Vallée works across the fields of art, design and architecture, with a signature style that often features earthy colours and collage-like cut-out shapes: her ‘Archetype’ wallcovering, which was originally hand painted, is pictured above.

François Mascarello, also based in Paris, works across many media but is best known for taking the highly traditional craft of straw marquetry in a more contemporary, artistic direction. ‘Orfèvrerie’ (above left), one of his works for Asteré, is based on an original design made from straw marquetry and gold leaf; it is described as being “quasi choreographed” with its strong rhythm of grids and parallel lines.

Finally, the Kansas City decorating company Porter Teleo, founded by artist Kelly Porter and interior designer Bridgett Cochran, is already well-known for its hand-painted wallcoverings – but its collaboration with Asteré now makes them available in digitally printed formats. ‘Kintsugi’ (above centre) was inspired by the traditional Japanese method of of repairing broken pottery with metal seams – thus, not covering up their flaws, but celebrating them. ‘Silk Scarf’ (above right) is based upon a highly pigmented ink drawing, evoking the work of the mid-20th-century Abstract Expressionist movement.

Depending on the design, the products are available by the linear metre, 10m roll or panoramic panel.

See these products in person at London Design Week 2021 (16 – 21 May): register here

Abbott + Boyd, First Floor, North Dome