Rita Konig

GP & J Baker Morning Room

Rita’s effortless style has made her one of today’s most sought after interior designers, with her writing and work a staple of Vogue, The New York Times, House & Garden and The Wall Street Journal. She is an expert at bringing refined, relaxed comfort to a home, and is passionate about sharing her expertise and empowering people to decorate and design their homes themselves.

“It was easy to find a fabric from GP & J Baker that I wanted to use for our Morning Room at the WOW!house,” she says. “Baker’s ‘Ferns’ chintz has been a lifelong favourite of mine, my mother used it in one of my favourite rooms of hers from the 80s and the version we will use in the WOW!room is a new interpretation of this archive design as a wonderful embroidery, the idea being to create a Morning Room with this wonderful, historic fabric and mix it in a new way with other classics designs from GP & J Baker. It is great fun to be let loose in this way and I can’t wait to see the results throughout the house.”