A Matter of Taste

KRU Cafe's stand at London Design Week 2024

“Raise Your Taste” read the shirts of the team from CRU Kafe, who have been busy refreshing and reviving London Design Week 2024’s visitors every day of the show.

The brand makes organic, Fairtrade coffee capsules that “elevate your everyday espresso into a moment to celebrate”, with several coffees available, from its dark roast (with notes of walnut, dark chocolate and blackberry) to a ristretto (with sweet spice, dark chocolate and molasses). CRU Kafe’s aim is to educate your tastebuds, and see coffee as akin to wine or whisky with all its nuances and complexities.


That ethos is carried through into CRU Kafe’s preferred coffee machines; at London Design Week 2024, it shared the space with Morning, a coffee machine brand that treats every type of coffee pod differently. Because different coffee needs a different temperature, output, pressure and “pre-infusion” (the amount of time that water initially enters the pod before the coffee is released), these things can all be adjusted on one of Morning’s makers. An app pulls in information about multiple brands’ worth of coffee pods, which can be then used to programme each machine, creating the perfect pick-me-up every time.

CRU Kafe, Ground Floor, Design Avenue