creative images

1.‘Hasu’ fabric (3027F-06), George Spencer Designs

2.‘Wool Bouclé Classic’ fabric (134015), parchment, Johnstons of Elgin at August+Co

3.‘Mexico’ braid (32039 9600), ciel, Houlès

4.‘Ode’ joinery knob, gold, V.Brokkr at The Specified

5.‘Niki’ fabric (M4145/02), rose ancien, Manuel Canovas at Colefax and Fowler

6.‘Maya’ wallcovering (FP061-001), jungle, Pierre Frey

7.‘Floret’ fabric (S1012/05), plum, Pollack at Altfield

8.‘Hadiqa’ fabric, dark blush, Paolo Moschino Ltd

9.‘Cozy’ fabric (10990 980), Zimmer + Rohde

10.‘Marcia’ fringe (06119/02), glacier, Manuel Canovas at Colefax and Fowler

11.‘Calisson’ fabric (KS217/46), corail, Karin Sajo at Houlès

12.‘Tino’ fabric (M4148/03), bois de rose, Manuel Canovas at Colefax and Fowler

13.‘Appledore’ fabric (NCF4520-04), coral/tangerine/pink, Nina Campbell at Osborne & Little

1.‘Step’ fabric (K5330/02), fern, Kirkby Design at Romo

2.‘Sugi Niki’ entrance handle, Designer Doorware at The Specified

3.‘Belfry’ wallcovering (W1132/02), haze, Weitzner at Altfield

4.‘Ovid’ joinery pull, V.Brokkr at The Specified

5.‘Esparto Ibérico’ wallcovering (18917), ecru, Arte

6.‘Boxwood’ fabric (21294 885), Hodsoll McKenzie at Zimmer + Rohde

7.‘Tokyo’ braid (32036 9800), Houlès

8.‘Terrasse Outdoor’ fabric (KS223/77), galets, Karin Sajo at Houlès

9.‘Quadra’ fabric (10977/982), Zimmer + Rohde

10.‘Gloria’ fabric (Z755/01), caramel, Zinc Textile at Romo

11.‘Calao’ fabric (L9471-02), birch, Larsen at Colefax and Fowler

12.‘Madone Chenille’ wallcovering (RM1056 80), jour et nuit, Elitis

1.‘Sidney Stripe’ fabric (NCF4532-06), Nina Campbell at Osborne & Little

2.‘Charlotte’ fabric (44208 775), Travers at Zimmer + Rohde

3.‘Honeysuckle Braid’ trim (9011/02), James Hare at Marvic Textiles

4.‘Karibu’ fabric (L9444-01), bone, Larsen at Colefax and Fowler

5.‘Fountain Grass’ fabric (181500), green, Schumacher

6.‘Broad Stripe’ border, adventurine, Crucial Trading

7.‘Pomolino Dune’ pull handle (DN70 ONO + PSV), black and mint green porcelain, Studio Franchi

8.‘Three Stripe’ border (CS303), adventurine, Crucial Trading

9.‘Lodhi Velvet’ fabric (F7890-02), Osborne & Little

10.‘Thalia’ fabric (134015), green, Harlequin

11.‘Splash Jalousies’ blind, gimlet, Anne Corbiere at Alexander Lamont + Miles

12.‘Dune’ lever handle (DN40 PVD-SCB), satin copper and rose porcelain, Studio Franchi

13.‘Green Palm’ fabric (7248-1) MYB Textiles at August+Co

1.‘Maya’ wallcovering (FP061-001), tropical, Pierre Frey

2.‘Piuma’ fabric (28580411), Camengo at Casamance

3.‘Albero’ drinks table, white, Bunny Williams Home at Paolo Moschino Ltd

4.‘Percy’ table lamp, aged plaster, with 10” ‘Bongo’ shade in bay silk, Porta Romana

5.‘Pico Bonito’ fabric (45090263), multicolo, Casamance

6.‘Garden Panel 1’, Bunny Williams Home at Paolo Moschino Ltd

1.‘Quill’ wallcovering (50153400), porcupine, Schumacher

2.‘Samrina’ wallcovering (W7904-03), charcoal/copper, Osborne & Little

3.Bronze lined ceramic pedestal pot, Abigail Ozora Simpson at Alexander Lamont + Miles

4.‘Kashan’ fabric (M4140-02), spices, Manuel Canovas at Colefax and Fowler

5.‘Wenge’ fabric (L9472-03), wood, Larsen at Colefax and Fowler

6.‘Kumbha’ rug, Topfloor by Esti

7.‘Pinion’ oval coffee table, Robert Langford

8.‘Ralf’ round table lamp, leather and jute, with cork shade,  Eccotrading Design London

1.‘Twisted Suédine’ wallcovering (RM1052-67), le sentier des effluves, Elitis

2.‘Sorbet’ table lamp, Pouenat at August+Co

3.‘Potato’ print fabric (BP11049/3), green, GP & J Baker

4.‘Maria’ fabric (F3852 001), Pierre Frey

5.‘Rock’ accent table, Shepel’

6.‘Hug’ chaise, Pouenat at August+Co

1.Forged side table, Eccotrading Design London

2.‘Ecoline’ wallcovering (18902), sandstone, Arte

3.Ceramic table lamp, metallic anthracite and shade, Violante Lodolo D’Oria at Alexander Lamont + Miles

4.‘Labe’ fabric (L9459-03), steel, Larsen at Colefax and Fowler

5.‘Spazio’ fabric (10978-983), Zimmer + Rohde

6.‘Greek Cane’ rug, mustard, Jennifer Manners x Salvesen Graham at Jennifer Manners Design

7.‘Upham’ coffee table, Vaughan ‘Colville’ fabric (F7870-05), charcoal, Osborne & Little

8.‘Porta Volta’ dining chair, Molteni&C at Tollgard

1.‘Machaya’ fabric (45220331), Casamance

2.‘Flat’ floor lamp, burnished brass, Henge at Tollgard

3.‘Alma’ wallcovering (7113 603), Jannelli & Volpi at Altfield

4.‘Cactus’ table lamp, green, and shade, Hector Finch

5.‘Bathsheba’ giant tassel, Watts 1874

6.‘Tudeley’ fabric (NCF4530/02), Nina Campbell at Osborne & Little

7.‘Deck’ side table, Porada

8.‘Aguayo’ fabric (19617-334), Etamine at Zimmer + Rohde

1.‘Partere’ fabric (10-21293-896), Hodsoll McKenzie at Zimmer + Rohde

2.‘Shibari’ armchair, Studiopepe for Visionnaire

3.‘Briony’ table lamp, moth, with 11” ‘Bongo’ shade, natural linen, both Porta Romana

4.‘Tyler’ wallcovering (FP024 001), Pierre Frey

5.‘Candy Darling’ fabric (Z763-01), Zinc Textile at Romo

6.‘Louisa’ coffee table small, Molteni&C at Tollgard

7.‘Louisa’ coffee table medium, Molteni&C at Tollgard