Richard Moore

Dressing Room

Since its founding in 1975, Martin Moore has been designing and building beautiful, bespoke furniture for kitchens and rooms throughout the home.  Over the past 47 years we have developed our hallmark style of classic, timeless, English furniture for both traditional and contemporary homes.

“We are delighted to be invited to join this illustrious group of designers and craftsmen. I chose to showcase our latest New Deco collection by designing a contemporary dressing room. Inspired by the architects and craftsmen of the 1930’s, whose designs featured clean, geometric lines and feature materials including inset panels in marbles, limestones, metallics and veneered timbers. The cabinetry is clean-lined with a simple, elegant chamfered detail as a modern version of a traditional moulding and handpainted in a neutral palette except for the sideboard which is a sleek dark walnut.”