Maddux Creative

Fromental Courtyard Room

Long-time friends Scott Maddux and Jo Le Gleud founded Maddux Creative in 2011. With complementary design styles and a shared passion for travel, fashion, art, craft and music, they have worked across the globe, with current projects in London, Los Angeles, Easthampton and Geneva.

Jo started her career in fashion as an embroiderer working with designer Koji Tatsuno and for an embroidery studio collaborating on fashion and theatre projects. A shared love of colour and a passion for articulating a story led her to team up with Tennessee native Scott, a visionary interior designer specialising in using form, texture and colour in carefully considered yet beautifully unexpected ways. The studio creates interiors that are multi-layered, stimulating sensory experiences.

“Our collaboration with Fromental aims to make a visceral impact, and create an experience: a room with energy, for people to have fun. It is a realm which feels wild, free and safe, an imagined space where nature triumphs within a man-made environment”