As the nights draw in, Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour is turning its full beam of attention to lighting. From Monday 15 – Friday 26 November, Lighting by Design will place the spotlight on this essential design element, with a curated installation of over 110 pieces from 28 international brands that will be layered throughout the Design Avenue, creating an illuminated display to dazzle and inspire.

Participating showrooms – including Bella Figura, Circa Lighting, Collier Webb, Gallotti&Radice, Porta Romana and Vaughan – are all revered for their innovation and excellence when it comes to lighting design. They will be complemented by external brands of international renown, including And Objects, Baroncelli, Heathfield & Co, Lustre, Martin Huxford and Mernøe.

Alongside, a series of artisan makers will bring an independent spirit to the mix: Vezzini & Chen, Adam Nathaniel Furman x Curiosa & Curiosa, Shade Volume, Ilala and Jochen Holz x Seeds.

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Lighting by Design is staged as a series of themed galleries: the ingenious display plays with scale and height, with pendants hanging down to meet floor and table lamps raised on platforms, and wall lights adding to the dynamism of each scene. The latest design directions will be reflected in each group of products, with themes including:

  • Glass: light’s quintessential partner is endlessly reinvented by designers. See Bella Figura’s ‘Ruffle’ chandelier, inspired by art-deco-era fashion with its cluster of overlapping rosettes of satin glass; or Baroncelli’s ‘Mico’ pendant, a suspended hoop studded with glass ‘pearls’.
  • Texture: see how designers are breaking the mould when it comes to working with unusual textures and shapes, from Eccotrading Design London’s papiermâché pendants and the geometic ‘Spectrum’ by Studio Pepe from Gallotti&Radice to the handcrafted ‘Reef’ table lamp in bronze by Alexander Lamont.
  • Colour: add an extra layer of playfulness and personality with different hues. Pieces from Adam Nathaniel Furman x Curiosa & Curiosa’s amorphous Glowbule collection will be on display, as will light sculptures made of undulating tubes by Jochen Holz x Seeds.
  • White: from matt plaster to precious marble and alabaster, the way that light interacts with pale colours and semi-translucent materials is highly alluring. Original BTC’s glowing bone china ‘Shard’ chandelier and the ‘Melange’ table lamp by Kelly Wearstler for Circa Lighting set the scene.

Lighting is one of the most powerful tools in a designer’s arsenal, considered a “make or break” component that defines the success of a scheme. Correctly done, it plays a multitude of roles: creating a defined atmosphere, enhancing architectural space and making essential tasks easier. Its capacity to promote health and wellbeing is also increasingly being explored by designers – as a way to boost mood, regulate sleep patterns and improve productivity.

The gallery in the Design Avenue will be supplemented with a deeper dive into this fascinating subject, with a programme of events including talks from lighting design experts Sally Storey and Rebecca Weir CLICK HERE

This year’s Lighting by Design gallery anticipates a bigger, brighter version of the event in November 2022, where installations from some of the world’s leading lighting designers will come together in a major new industry event.

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 *Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour reserves the right to change the format without notice and accepts no liability if any events are varied, relocated or cancelled. The health and wellbeing of visitors and showrooms are the Design Centre’s first priority, and there are many measures in place to ensure a safe visit.