Clever Craftsmanship

Pietro Russo is a serial collaborator with Gallotti&Radice whose background in art and scenography has given him a unique viewpoint. His latest ‘Manto’ table for the Italian brand demonstrates his simplicity-with-a-twist design ethos. ‘Manto’ in Italian translates as ‘mantle’, and the table’s curved base wraps around alike a cloak, affixed with two satin brass ‘buttons’, one on each side. The top demonstrates Gallotti&Radice’s incredible skill with timber, with a contrasting herringbone inlay that brings out the contrasting beauty of the woodgrain.

‘Manto’ is available in several finishes: rich walnut with a contrasting black bevelled edge, dark grey maple (both pictured above) and white tanganika, an African hardwood. With a focus on practicality as well as refinement and craftsmanship, there’s also a complementary lazy susan available in the same finishes, the woodgrain perfectly aligning with the table beneath.

Gallotti&Radice, Second Floor, Centre Dome