A Different Facet

With their luxuriously weighty quality, and glowing colours, Bella Figura’s ‘Diamond’ lamps are one of the lighting company’s most beloved products. They are made in the glassblowing centre of Italy, Murano, and have a heritage steeped in family tradition, craftsmanship and artisan skill.

The showroom has now brought a new style to the table, ‘Diamond Teardrop’, available in large and small sizes, with a regular or slim profile (both pictured). With subtle, curvaceous facets, it’s a natural progression from the more angular style seen previously, but the manufacturing process remains similar, with layer upon layer of clear glass surrounding an inner “bubble” of intense colour, all blown into a steel mould. Each lamp is polished for up to 10 hours in order to achieve the ultimate flawless glass finish, a process unique to Bella Figura. The collection is available in a number of deep jewel-like tones including forest green, amethyst and petrol blue, as well as a completely clear version. 

Bella Figura, Ground Floor, Centre Dome