Waldo Works

de Gournay Morning Room

Tom Bartlett founded Waldo Works in 2000, a few years after graduating from The Bartlett School of Architecture. The studio’s aim is to create exceptionally crafted, intriguing spaces – ones where architecture and interiors are considered in one design process.

Waldo Works designs both the architecture and interiors of projects across many genres: small- and large- scale residential, luxury retail for leading brands, hotels, restaurants and workplaces. It works across the globe, applying its engaging design ethos and coordinated approach to everything from new buildings to accessories.

“I doodle a lot in my notebook, roughing up sketches that later get turned into something more presentable. But there is something about the doodles and resonance of the creative process in sketches that gets left behind in the final presentation. For this room, an informal Morning Room, we are taking the doodle and elevating it – in de Gournay style”