United in Design

de Le Cuona Living Room

United in Design is a charitable organisation founded by Sophie Ashby and Alexandria Dauley to address the lack of diversity in the UK interior design industry. Specifically, the lack of representation from the black, Asian and ethnic minority communities. Through school outreach programmes, apprenticeships career guidance and mentorship they give young talent the support they need to develop careers across all sectors of the industry. They are overseeing former United in Design apprentices Christine Omorere and Roshu Shrestha (pictured) in designing a room in collaboration with de Le Cuona.

“United in Design are thrilled to collaborate with de Le Cuona to create their design at the Wow!house,” says Alexandria. “The opportunity and experience this presents our young designers is invaluable. Working with such an iconic brand, using beautiful fabrics to create a dream living space is any designer’s career highlight and United in Design are excited by this partnership.”