Studio Winch

Summit Furniture Terrace

Selina McCabe is senior partner and head of interiors at Winch Design, which specialises in the bespoke design of superyachts, architecture, private jets and interiors; and Studio Winch, which focuses on interior design, decorating and styling for both residential and commercial spaces. Her outstanding level of creativity has been evident in the multiple yacht, aviation and architectural projects which she has completed; her energy and enthusiasm is infectious, reverberating throughout the whole studio.

Winch Design was founded in 1986 by Andrew Winch and his wife, Jane and has grown to a team of 150; it prides itself on having brought to life the dreams of its clients for the last 36 years, creating bespoke homes on land, in the air and at sea, now and into the future.

“WOW!house is a brilliant initiative, bringing the design community together and showcasing a diverse collection of designers, illustrating the endless possibilities a space can uncover. We are going to create a playful, mesmerising yet elegant space that evokes a sense of serene sophistication and coastal relaxation. Wherever the imagination of our audience takes them, it will embody colour, stories, visual narratives and a sense of nostalgic glamour”